Do you think that your drinking water can have a big impact on your health?

Most water sources out there, including tap water and bottled water, provide minimal health benefits to us.

Most people still find themselves vulnerable to major illnesses as they grow older, and major hospitals are constantly being built and overwhelmed with patients every day.

Most of the times, people fall sick because of the type of water that people drink over long periods of time, as well as the amount they drink on a daily basis.

Kangen Water can help us to solve that problem.

Clinical studies have shown that incorporating Kangen Water into one's daily routine can have significant positive impacts on overall health and well-being.

That is why our company's motto is, "Change Your Water, Change Your Life".

To explain how does Kangen Water achieve that, I will cover two things in this article - how is Kangen Water created and why are its 3 properties vital in good drinking water.

How did Kangen Water come about?

Kangen means “Return to Origin” in Japanese. In the 1950s, many people queued in various places like Lourdes to collect water which they said had helped them with their illnesses.

The scientists were very excited and took samples of the water with the intention to create a machine that can produce this "miracle water".

In 1974, the Japanese found the formulae and built a machine to produce Kangen Water. However, the machine was huge and it was used by the Japanese clinics and hospitals only.

Fast forward to the early 1990s, our company, Enagic, set up our factory in Osaka and started to manufacture smaller units of the machine for household use.

Today, we have 40 branches in 23 countries.

So what is the formulae that the Japanese has found? It is exactly the 3 properties that made up Kangen Water!

The 3 Properties of Kangen Water

1. Antioxidation

To give an introduction, antioxidation is the process of neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body, which are highly reactive and damage important biomolecules such as proteins and DNA in our body.

Antioxidants, i.e. the massive amount of free electrons in Kangen Water, stabilize these free radicals and play a critical role in preventing oxidative stress and reducing the risk of chronic diseases associated with free radical damage.

By reducing the oxidative stress on our body, antioxidants effectively help us to age slower as well.

Some long-term users of our Kangen Water Ionisers have even given us feedback that they actually look younger in comparison to their friends of the same or similar ages.

Measuring the antioxidation level of water

Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) of a liquid measures the amount of antioxidants it has.

The more negative the ORP, the higher the amount of antioxidants it has. If the ORP is positive, the liquid is actually oxidizing and causes us to age faster.

ORP chart to show Kangen Water having the highest antioxidation level compared to other drinkable substances

Based on the researches that we have, no other water or substances has a higher antioxidation level than Kangen Water.

(Fact: You can always bring your drinking water to our office and we can provide a test on the spot to compare the ORP levels in your water and Kangen Water. That is how confident we are!)

A 300ml cup of Kangen Water has the same amount of antioxidants as 2.27kg of blueberries

To sum up this section, Hexagonal Kangen Water is a “free radical scavenger”, it provides a way for toxins to exit the body by neutralizing the positive, cationic charge with its abundant free electrons.

It is also rich in ionic minerals, like calcium, which researches shown it increases bone density.

2. Alkalinity

Alkaline water is a very popular term, but studies related to it have shown mixed reviews on whether alkaline water can actually help to improve our health.

However, it was one of the qualities found in the “miracle water” (mentioned above) that improved the health of its consumers in the early days.

With the possibility of cancer cells growing in our body at any point of time, and that they usually thrive in acidic environments, it does point to the possibility that maintaining an alkaline body could help to balance your body's pH and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

pH chart to show that the more alkaline your body is, the healthier you are and vice versa

One key difference between Kangen Water Ionisers and other water machines is the way we produce the alkalinity in the water.

Within our ionizers are platinum-coated, titanium plates of medical grade for electrolysis of water to produce the OH- ions. These ions make our water alkaline without the addition of any chemicals.

Important note:

We use platinum and titanium for our plates instead of lead ones as the plates are in direct contact with the water.

It is more difficult to maintain the quality of the lead plates in contact with water as compared to plates made with platinum and titanium. This is also the reason why titanium is chosen by doctors and scientists to be the material used for medical implants.

3. Micro-Clustering

Size of the water molecules you drink matters.

Have you experienced situations where drinking water makes you feel bloated? With Kangen Water, you will experience this much lesser, enabling you to drink more water in a single day.

Smaller molecules enable Kangen Water to pass more easily through cell membranes and be more efficiently absorbed by the body.

This can replenish fluids lost through daily activities such as exercise and urination.

The improved absoption helps with better hydration, improved metabolism, and enhanced overall health.

Kangen water cluster has 15-20 H2O molecules and tap water cluster has 5-6 H2O molecules


In conclusion, Kangen Water originated from Japan where the local scientists wanted to replicate the properties found in the world's "miracle water" that helped many people with their illnesses.

It can help you to improve your immune system and overall health, hence slowing down the aging process.

Its alkalinity neutralizes your body's acidity potentially caused by stress, diet and many other reasons.

Smaller water molecules also ease the absorption process by your body for more effective hydration.