About Us

Kangen Wiz Global is a group of official associates from Enagic® Singapore, promoting health and wellness via the Internet, with Kangen water ionizers.

We aim to share the infinite benefits of Kangen water to people around the world.

Worldwide Business For Everyone

Based in Singapore, we frequently travel to Asian countries (i.e. Malaysia, Philippines, China, Myanmar, and Indonesia) to promote the wellness of Kangen water. We are also open to markets in further regions. Our programme and products are well received with a steady increase in monthly sales.

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Enagic® has 40 offices in 23 countries, including Singapore.

The large number of offices means you can do the business anywhere in the world and have the machine delivered from the nearest global office.

This is a great business opportunity for many who wish to own a home-based business like us. You can choose the country you want to be based in, be it Singapore, Asia, Europe and so on, and we work with you to materialise it.

Join Us Today

For those who wish to join us as an independent distributor, we will provide you with more than enough trainings and support.

What you get if you join us

For more information or to join us, please call +65 8751 7713 or visit our shop.

From An Independent Distributor In Kangen Wiz (SG)

“I am a successful distributor and I have been in this business since 2011. Prior to this, I was in the wellness business for 12 years, and I have built my network all over South East Asia. Personally, I enjoy the trade very much, not only due to the fact that I can help people to improve their health conditions and secure extra income, but because the benefits of Kangen Water go a long way in improving my own family’s health and well-being.

Some testimonials I experienced with Kangen water that may be relevant or inspiring to you includes:

With the help of Kangen Water, a 6-year-old autistic and hyperactive boy schooling in a special-aided school was transferred to a normal school within a year.

With the help of Kangen Water, a couple who has been trying to conceive for 2 years succeeded within 9 months after discovering the effects of water consumption and in food preparation. The newborn baby boy weighed a hefty 5 kg at birth.

And finally, with the help of Kangen Water, a 67-year-old diabetic elderly escaped the fate of amputating both his legs, due to a long-term gangrene condition, in a mere 21 days after drinking and soaking his feet with Kangen Water.

I am aware it may sound unbelievable to you, but all of the above are true occurrences that have transpired during my course of work in the last 6 years. If you are wondering, I have more successful testimonials that improved health conditions with the help of Kangen Water to share!”

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